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What to Look for in Calgary Property Management

Hiring a property manager makes owning a rental property more efficient and less stressful, but you can’t just hire anyone. The company you choose should be professional, well established, and reputable. Finding a great management company doesn’t have to be overwhelming or a shot in the dark, so here’s what to look for in property management companies.

5 Things To Look For In A Calgary Property Management Company 

  • A Company with a Solid Reputation for Calgary Property Management

Good property management companies have a solid reputation, so look around to see what people are saying. Check the company’s business rating, read online reviews, and interview references.

  • A Property Management Company with Procedures for Tenant Screening

Attracting and choosing good tenants is one of the key benefits of property management in Calgary. Ask about the company’s procedures for screening tenants. They should have a formal process in place that includes background, reference, and credit checks.

  • An Experienced Property Management Company

Inexperienced managers can make mistakes, like calling an electrician for a minor issue that a handyman could fix. These small errors add up and cost you money. Well-established property management companies with experienced professionals are best able to make smart decisions about your property.

  • A Record of Short Vacancies

Ask the company how quickly they are able to get properties on the market between tenants and what their vacancy rate is. Keeping your property filled with happy tenants is key.

  • Management Companies with Large Client Bases

A property management in Calgary with no clients is a bad sign. They may have trouble managing rentals. Instead, look for a company with a large client base. This indicates that they are capable and probably are well-connected with local contractors.

Take a load off with property management in Calgary. Look for these things to help you find a professional and reputable company to manage your property.

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