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Rental Property Management

A Rental Property Management Company That Understands the Market

Mountain Park offers comprehensive and professional assistance in every aspect of the rental process, from inception to tenant placement. If you need condo property management or commercial property management, we can help! We would be honoured to help you maximize the value of your property and find great tenants to occupy it. In addition to having years of real estate experience, many Mountain Park professionals are Alberta born. We live here, we work here, and we are honoured to be part of the rental property management industry here. As a result, we have a firm grasp of how Alberta’s real estate market functions and how its trends may impact you.

Do You Have an Executive Rental Property You Need Managed?

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Managing Your Executive Rental Property Efficiently and Effectively

  • Maximise Return on Investment

    Our experience in the executive rental market has given us the perspective required to provide the best return on your investment. We carefully maintain a current and accurate awareness of market rates through weekly assessments, allowing you the opportunity to stay ahead of market trends when pricing, and ensuring the highest possible revenue.
  • Increase Tenant Loyalty

    We assist in the development of long-lasting relationships with your tenants. True to our reputation, your tenants will find us responsive to their needs and available whenever they need us. By providing a seamless experience, we ensure the satisfaction of all parties involved.
  • Property Maintenance & Repairs

    Mountain Park maintains a diverse network of reliable contractors and trades professionals. We source these professionals to facilitate any tenant or owner-initiated repair. Careful consideration is given to both cost and quality of work, maintaining the long-lasting value of your property.

The Rental Management Company You’ve Been Looking For

At Mountain Park Property Management, we are strong believers in family. Whether it be making time for our own families, working alongside our colleagues as family, or treating our clients like family, the very concept of family is our main focus. We truly care about our clients, and the services we provide for them. That is why we are so driven to offer the best possible service in the industry. When you choose Mountain Park Property Management company, you are choosing family.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Because we are required to wait 7-10 business days for the tenant’s cheques to clear, you will receive your rent payment between the 12th and the 15th of the month.
  • We can begin managing your properties immediately, with little-to-no hassle for your current tenants. Contact us today to set up a consultation to discuss your investment property portfolio.
  • We will waive the first monthly management fee for every rental property added to a portfolio currently under our management. We will also give you a month of free management for referring us to another property owner.
  • In the rare event that eviction is required, we coordinate the eviction process on the property owner’s behalf. If necessary, we will hire an attorney or bailiff that specialises in difficult evictions.
  • The cost of eviction can run from several hundred to several thousand dollars, and the process can take 30-90 days. This is why all potential tenants are put through such a thorough screening process.
  • You may accompany us on our semi-annual checks of the property. However, the Alberta Residential Tenancies Act states “neither the landlord nor a person having a claim to the premises under the landlord will in any significant manner disturb the tenant’s possession or peaceful enjoyment of the premises.” Property owners are advised not to engage in activities that could be a violation of the tenant’s rights under the act.
  • We will coordinate any maintenance or repairs through the extensive list of maintenance companies that we work with. We do not add a surcharge for this service; you only pay for the exact amount of the repair and we will provide you with a receipt. Repairs surpassing the amount of $500 dollars must be authorised by the property owner any work is done.
  • We will give you the opportunity to address all repairs yourself whenever possible. If the issue isn’t dealt with within 24 hours of the owner being notified, we will make efforts to address the situation.
  • Because a high percentage of tenants have pets, restricting pets could greatly limit the chance of renting quickly for the highest possible rental rate. For that reason, we recommend allowing pets. We require pet-owning tenants to submit a deposit to cover damages that their pet may cause to the property.
  • Reserve funds are put in place to pay future repairs and maintenance planned for in the Reserve Fund Study.

Better Tenant Retention With Our Rental Property Management Team

Many rental property management companies in Calgary focus exclusively on narrow segments of the industry, making their reach and work limited in expertise. At Mountain Park, we are experts in all facets of the real estate industry with years of experience and demonstrated results to prove it. When you work with Mountain Park, you are working with some of the most motivated people helping you reach your financial investment goals. With creative strategies, innovations and a client-first mentality, we are proud to be Canada’s most efficient property management team.

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