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Maintenance Tips for Your Calgary Rental Property

Most people take care of their own personal home because it comes down to pride. However, some of us struggle with Calgary property management. Like how it goes with a regular home, we have to maintain the rental property because otherwise smaller problems snowball into bigger problems. The majority of landlords understand how not monitoring the property’s condition will lead to expensive damage later.

Keep the Wood Painted on the Exterior

For proper Calgary rental property management, you will have to maintain the wood on the exterior of the home. You want to keep it painted because this serves as a barrier between the wood and the elements. This is one of the more important rental property management tips.

Does the Dirt Slope Away from the Foundation?

You don’t want problems with the foundation later, so you should always check to make sure that the dirt near your rental property’s foundation slopes away. Fill in the holes near the foundation if needed.

Clean the Gutters Regularly

On average, you should clean the gutters once or even twice per year, depending on how much debris and leaves get into the gutters. If you fail to do this, water can fill up the gutters and overflow, which can lead to a damaged foundation or water in the home, which can cause mold problems. Most property management companies will recommend you handle this as soon as possible.

On a regular basis, you should inspect the trees around your property for dead limbs or dead trees that could fall on the home. In this landlord guide to renting, we have hopefully given some maintenance tips that will keep your property safe and free of problems. You want to take some time to stay on top of Calgary property management for your home to save yourself more time and money over the long term.

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