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Category: Investments

Home prices remained stable in May

Demand for detached housing continues to rise Fueled by the detached sector, Calgary home prices trended up for the fourth consecutive month, but remain below 2014 highs. The economic climate is supporting detached housing market recovery, said CREB® chief economist Ann-Marie Lurie. “Improved demand and easing supply has created more balanced conditions and ultimately some […]

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Three Affordable Ways to Boost the Curb Appeal & Rental Value of Your Investment Property

A depressed market is the perfect time to look at ways to maximize the value and return of your current investments. Making smart investments into home upgrades can reduce how much time your investment property spends unoccupied, increase the rental premium your unit commands, and even decrease maintenance costs. In this post, we break down […]

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Four Big Benefits of a Property Management Company

Ensuring you get the most value out of your investment property can be increasingly difficult, especially without the right guidance. To this end, an experienced property management company can provide assistance when contending with the important daily tasks associated with managing an investment property. Mountain Park Real Estate offers investors numerous benefits when it comes […]

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Important Tax Benefits You Should be Getting From Your Rental Property

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Owning a rental property comes with unique benefits and drawbacks. Difficult tenants can make being a landlord a pain, however – there are tax incentives that can make your investment worthwhile. Most landlords are unaware of certain things they can claim on their taxes to make their return bigger. Capital vs. Current Expenses You should […]

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How to Navigate a Difficult Real Estate Climate

Real estate has its ups and downs, and it varies from year to year and city to city. One city may be a seller’s market in which multiple buyers are bidding against each other and often paying more than the asking price. Another city may have a lot of inventory and be a buyer’s market […]

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Bank of Canada – Rate Watch

Last Wednesday, the Bank of Canada announced that they would not be adjusting their prime lending rate and that the prime lending rate would remain at 3%. This will have a direct impact on any variable rate mortgage(s), secured line(s) of credit, or personal line(s) of credit that you may have. CPI (Consumer Price Index) inflation […]

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Calgary is the Perfect Place to Develop and Invest in Real Estate

Supply vs Demand One issue facing Calgary’s housing and rental market is the fact that in the current environment, demand far outstrips supply. It is not unusual for a single property, even in an “undesirable” location, to attract multiple bids at, or even sometimes above, listing price. This can be attributed to the high median […]

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High Demand Dictates Increased Calgary Housing Market

Current Situation Low availability of housing in Calgary, paired with high demand for ownership, continue to push new and previously owned housing prices upwards, and create a high pressure market. While there is a solid trend towards small property ownership, with nearly 20% of current 2014 purchased being condominiums or townhouses, the housing market demand […]

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