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Bank of Canada – Rate Watch

Last Wednesday, the Bank of Canada announced that they would not be adjusting their prime lending rate and that the prime lending rate would remain at 3%. This will have a direct impact on any variable rate mortgage(s), secured line(s) of credit, or personal line(s) of credit that you may have. CPI (Consumer Price Index) inflation […]

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Calgary’s Housing Market Continues To Climb

Calgary’s real estate market is currently in a positive trend regarding overall property purchase numbers, with record setting sales amounts and prices filling a strong first quarter of 2014. Multiple factors can be attributed to the high demand, low supply market, although the key three factors driving the trend are economic stability, high migration rates […]

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Calgary is the Perfect Place to Develop and Invest in Real Estate

Supply vs Demand One issue facing Calgary’s housing and rental market is the fact that in the current environment, demand far outstrips supply. It is not unusual for a single property, even in an “undesirable” location, to attract multiple bids at, or even sometimes above, listing price. This can be attributed to the high median […]

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High Demand Dictates Increased Calgary Housing Market

Current Situation Low availability of housing in Calgary, paired with high demand for ownership, continue to push new and previously owned housing prices upwards, and create a high pressure market. While there is a solid trend towards small property ownership, with nearly 20% of current 2014 purchased being condominiums or townhouses, the housing market demand […]

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Investing in Calgary Property

Calgary is a diverse and vibrant city, with a wide array of possibilities for the individual or group looking to start property investment. There are three important questions, however, that the prospective investor should ask before looking into Calgary investment properties. Choosing Your Investment Property’s Location The largest part of any investment is attracting the […]

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Positive start to the new year

Sales activity and prices improve over 2013 Calgary, Feb. 3, 2014 – On the heels of a strong year of sales growth, January sales in the city of Calgary totaled 1,440 units, a 17 per cent increase over the previous year. “Sales growth continues at the double digit pace seen over the later portion of […]

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